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SkyDesk Media Switch Implementation Cases

Implementation Cases

Let us tell you the success stories from customers who have implemented SkyDesk Media Switch.

TEDxKyoto 2013 Jo Ha Kyu

Events using street posters and t-shirts to access special contents on Web in the spirit of spreading "Ideas worth spreading".

National Treasure Kohfukuji Temple Butto (Buddha Head) Exhibition

New technology as PR for Japan's National Treasures. By using the Art Museum Exhibition pamphlet to access digital content, it helps to promote the event.

University of Yamanashi, Faculty of Engineering Open Campus

Delivering detailed but easy-to-understand information in pamphlet to Open Campus visitors. Appeal to future talents with abundant information.

Jorudan Books Beauty Method from Foods

Add recipes to smartphone. Provides added values and convenience at the same time, and even creates positive effect to sales.

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