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TEDxKyoto Case Introduction

Diverse Media Applications, Not Only As a Pamphlet
T-Shirts and Street Posters Used as Media to Link to Special Contents

TEDxKyoto 2013 Jo Ha Kyu Pamphlet

Customer information

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Richer Experience with Worthy Ideas

Photos in the pamphlet have embedded marks for recognition purpose

"TEDxKyoto 2013 Jo Ha Kyu" was held on September 29, 2013 (Sunday) at Morita Memorial Hall, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies. The event ended on a high note with participants from all over the world participating in the theme of circulation of growth and change that involved the overlapping of the 3 steps, Jo (Beginning), Ha (Break), and Kyu (Rapid and Change).

SkyDesk Media Switch helps bring to life a new way of communication that supports with events that uses "Idea" as the core.

Access Web Content from City Posters and Participate in Stamp Rally

From poster to content

A new trial on paper posters, a classic media, is also made this time.

Before the event started, if you use SkyDesk Media Switch App to take picture of the posters pasted all over Kyoto city, you not only can access the related content, the information of the various shooting location can also be used as the mechanism for stamp rally.

SkyDesk Media Switch is also adopted here and offers new information communication.

Take Picture of T-shirts of 2 Persons Side by Side to Access Content

Recognizing 1 image with 2 t-shirts

This time a new method of accessing content by using t-shirt with printed themes has been introduced. SkyDesk Media Switch provides the mechanism where content can be access when a picture of the image formed with 2 persons wearing the same t-shirt adjusting to each other's built, is taken.

At places of interaction like booths, parties, etc., people lean against one another to complete a mark, thus forming a "connection" and then have a picture of their t-shirts taken. The images of these people enjoying the video content were even captured in news site, creating a big buzz.

About TED and TEDx

"Ideas Worth Spreading", a slogan started in 1984 at West Coast of United States, started "TED" and organizers from all over the regions who agree with this idea, held their own local, self-organized events known as "TEDx".

Approximately 130 countries, 1200 cities held various TEDx events. "TEDxKyoto 2013" was founded by Jay Klaphake (Ritsumeikan University) and Kondo Junya (CEO, Hatena Inc.) in 2011, and it has been spreading energy and passion from Kyoto, Japan to the world since then.