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Kohfukuji Temple Butto (Buddha Head) Exhibition Case Introduction

Richer Experience Beyond Art Museum Pamphlets
Traditional Culture is Given a New PR with Colorful Digital Content

National Treasure and Kohfukuji Butto (Buddha Head) Exhibition Pamphlet (reverse of photo contains embedded recognition mark)

Customer information

  • Nikkei Inc.
    Culture Department

  • Event Information
    National Treasure Kohfukuji Temple Butto (Buddha Head) Exhibition
    The University of Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo, Ueno)
    * September 3 - November 24, 2013

PR for Japan's National Treasure with New Digital Technology

Voice-Guided Information Board (Photo contains embedded recognition mark)

Nikkei Inc. hosted the "National Treasure Kohfukuji Temple Butto (Buddha Head) Exhibition" at The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo, Ueno), to commemorate 1300th Anniversary of the Founding of Kohfukuji.

The National Treasure "Bronze Butto (Buddha Head)" from the Hakuko period, 25 other National Treasures, 31 Important Cultural Properties, and others, making a total of 70 exemplary works being displayed at the exhibition. On November 19th, the number of visitors exceeded 150,000 making the Butto exhibition a huge success. At the exhibition this time, as a new PR measure, SkyDesk Media Switch is used as a mechanism to let visitors access content link from the image on the exhibition pamphlet.

Easy Access to Multimedia Contents Using App

At the Special Site for "Butto Times" Exhibition, related information of the Butto exhibition, celebrities and public figures from all over the world will be published in the content. SkyDesk Media Switch is used in the content for "Find the Butto Ambassador!" and "Find the Butto Ambassador and Hakuko Nobleman Characters!".
If you take a picture of the photo on the pamphlet or information board with SkyDesk Media Switch App, you can access the video content of the Special Talk at the Opening Ceremony.

No Need to Update Prints, Effective Use of Existing Resources

After pamphlet has been printed, there are times when "I still think this information should be included" moments will occur.
Taking advantage of SkyDesk Media Switch and without changing the printed pamphlet, information can be added and embedded in a smart way.
As SkyDesk Media Switch navigates to the link via image, by changing only the content in the link, there is no waste of resources, and instead allows rich and flexible content to be provided.