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University of Yamanashi, Faculty of Engineering Open Campus Case Introduction

Information Beyond Papers
Wide Distribution with SkyDesk Media Switch

University of Yamanashi, Faculty of Engineering Open Campus Pamphlet

Customer information

  • National University Corporation

    University of Yamanashi, Faculty of Engineering

  • Philosophy and Mission
    We educate and research to train future technological experts with profound professional education and broad knowledge, and equipped them with excellent creativity and judgment ability.

Unlimited Information that "You Want to Convey"

University of Yamanashi, Faculty of Engineering Home Page

Open Campus gathers future engineers.
It is a tough job to convey the unique points for all departments, and university ambience within a limited time on the event day.
Out of the 6 departments in the Faculty of Engineering, only 2 departments were opened to visitors. Furthermore, the information that can be published in each of the pamphlet distributed to visitors is limited. As such, SkyDesk Media Switch is implemented as a mechanism to switch to digital content from paper pamphlet. This will let visitors have easier access to the appropriate information, and allow the organizer to deliver "all the information they want but couldn't put down on paper".

Flexible Content Distribution Ensures that You Always Get the Updated Information! Access Logs Can Also Be Actively Used

The content of the distributed link can be changed flexibly as needed.
After 2 days at the Open Campus this time, the introduction slides of each department, and the actual state of each department at the Open Campus are converted to content, providing fresh updated information regularly. As a result, very good feedback were received from visitors, who were also able to "see and get a feeling of the department that they could not visit".
In addition, as access log can be retrieved even for ad-hoc events like this, the data collected can be used to analyze the degree of interest of the visitors, and such information can be used for future planning purposes.

Easy and Convenient with Smartphone App

Route to the Venue from the Reception

At SkyDesk Media Switch, the linkage of digital content from the original pamphlet is done in advance at the browser.
Pamphlet is A3 double-sided with 4 folds and with marks in the form of University of Yamanashi logo placed in 14 different locations. To link to the content, you just need to point and take a picture of the mark.
Through the introduction of the Home Page, it helps to promote cross-media awareness to visitor before the event. On the actual day, visitors can use SkyDesk Media Switch App to take picture of the pamphlet.
The content includes the University of Yamanashi digest video, route guide for actual day visit, introduction to each departments, etc., and the digest video is in a slide show format created with photos showing the school's ambience. In addition, as a campus guide, the photographs also help visitors to navigate themselves around the campus.

Towards the Development of New Generation for the Future

Fuji Xerox is promoting support for university education in various regions. While we need to respond to the social environment changes like demographic change, and globalization, we also need to review the strategy on how to appeal to the University of Yamanashi, applicants, and enrolled students, like what we have been supporting as a part of a joint project.
Open Campus is a good opportunity to convey to the visitors about the charm of the university. For the applicants, this event is important as it lets them know what kind of university will be shaping their future.
Apart from stimulating the interest in the curriculum to enroll, the ability to get a feel of what the school is like is an important factor when selecting the preferred school.
Henceforth, Fuji Xerox will work hand in hand with the customer to develop future talents by providing various support to the customer.