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Beauty Method from Foods Case Introduction

Increase Recipes with Concurrent Use of Book and App!
First and New Challenge in Japan is "Fun Recipe Book in Smartphone"

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Providing Convenience of Paper and IT with Fusion of Both, and Sales Up with Differentiation from Other Papers

Jorudan has already established a permanent place in the Norikae-Annai service. Instead of being satisfied with the current status, Jorudan values each individuality as "One" and continue to produce new and unique products, and make great contribution to the society by continuing to produce "Another Product that Touches People".

In recent years, people are more conscious of the food they eat and their health. With the fast growing prevalence of mobile devices like smartphone, recipes usually in book format, now have a newly added value with Jorudan in a different form that can be delivered to the world.

"Beauty Method from Foods" does not only include recipes to improve "Beauty" but also convenient recipes for this digital age. The Smartphone App for Beauty Method from Foods*1 can be used together with the Recipe Book, and to access more than 100-150 recipes not revealed in the paper format. In addition, the existence of the App is a plus point and it receives good response from the book distributors as it helps to generate sales of the Recipe Book.

> *1: Jorudan uses SkyDesk Media Switch SDK and developed their own Smartphone App for Beauty Method from Foods.

Implementation of SkyDesk Media Switch Provides Rich Content to Smartphones

Fuji Xerox proposed the use of SkyDesk Media Switch mechanism to digitalize photos from published recipes into recipe contents for access.

With the technology of SkyDesk Media Switch, digital content can be linked from magazines. While slimming down the paper prints, the published recipe information can be increased at the same time.

While the recipes printed on magazine paper format are the main dish, the other recipes can be accessed and referred to via the different links to the content.

The marker that leads to the digital content is placed in the photos of various recipes.

Beauty Method from Foods: Beauty Method Starting from Foods

The materials used for application and side dishes, etc. in this magazine, are used as referenced for many recipes that teaches "What food to eat to become beautiful".Everything is low in calories and has moderate salt, with balance in taste and nutrition in adequate volume, and address the concerns "Now" on beauty and health, the convenience and fun to cook, in a condensed form.
You can register the recipes you want to cook using the App, check the total calories and salt content in "Today's Menu", and also add the recipe to your Favorites.
Since there is no need to carry the paper format around, if you suddenly want to buy grocery that you have missed out, you can use the paperless format.
It is more convenient to use "My Page", and posting in social media becomes more enjoyable, leading to 2-way recipe communication.
Even with the digital convenience, food information and the service are the roots. They will not change then or now like "People's Love". Jorudan packed this all in "Beauty Method from Foods", and is a strong ally to modern women who pursue "Real Beauty".