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Okonomiyaki KANSAI Case Introduction

Japanese restaurant’s app brings okonomiyaki menu to cooking videos.

Customer information

A new entertaining DIY dining experience.

In [Okonomiyaki KANSAI], chain restaurants run by Collaboration Inc., staffs usually cook their popular dishes in front of the customers. However, many customers are interested in making okonomiyaki themselves. To keep customers happy and satisfied, [Okonomiyaki KANSAI] has provided step-by-step instruction manuals on paper. Recently [Okonomiyaki KANSAI] created bird’s eye view recipe videos to make DIY cooking easier and more fun. By introducing these videos, they intended to make interactions with restaurant guests, majority of whom are young generations in their teen or 20’s.

So here comes to the challenge, how to encourage customers to view videos when they are ordering food? Betrend Corporation’s new service [betrend access camera], which is powered by Fuji Xerox Media Switch SDK, provides a ground-breaking solution.
[betrend access camera] is integrated into [Okonomiyaki KANSAI] restaurant’s app. With this technology, the app activates different video clips when customers take different pictures of menu through [Okonomiyaki KANSAI] app camera. Right now 10 recipe videos are available. [Okonomiyaki KANSAI] hopes this new function will bring their customers, especially those young generations, a new magical dining experience.

It’s not magic, it’s Fuji Xerox Skydesk Media Switch.

Using Embedded Media Markers, an image recognition technology, the SkyDesk Media Switch is an innovative cloud service to enrich paper media by connecting multimedia information to print design. It opens a new channel to drive smartphone users to access multimedia content by clicking the shutter.

In the case of [betrend access camera], SkyDesk Media Switch SDK is implemented. Media Switch SDK is a cost-effective service provides flexibility and reliability. It allows app’s owners to accelerate deployment of a new function to engage customers. Meanwhile it helps owners to control brand image.