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SkyDesk Media Switch Benefits

Using Cross Media Magnifies Appeal and Allows You to Measure Efficiency

Do you get the feeling that your customers are not responding well to the flyers you gave out? That paper cannot convey the point you really want to get across? Cross media is especially suitable for tackling such issues.

Before Using SkyDesk Media Switch

At your retail store At your retail store
Flyers are not enough to show customers the movements or details I really want to get across.
I'm not sure if customers look through the marketing material after I have given them out.
Your customer Your customer
I couldn't get the point he/she was trying to bring across.
No use storing it anyway so I just threw it away.


After Using SkyDesk Media Switch

At your retail store At your retail store
I linked up a video showing details of the points I wanted to get across, and now I can make a strong appeal.
From the log data, the viewing status of distributed material can be known, and this led to improvements to the flyers.
Your customer Your customer
With the linked video, the point came through, and made me keen to purchase the product.
While I throw away other flyers, I decided to keep this one to view the video from the link.

Cross Media Image Recognition Means Pages can Also be Used Effectively !

Conventional cross media technologies embed invisible codes, create exclusive code regions, and may require special creation processes or hardware.
As SkyDesk Media Switch uses cross media image recognition technologies, no special processing or hardware is required. Authoring can be performed on cloud, with immediate use of the service.

Conventional cross media technologies...

Conventional cross media technologies Special processing or exclusive printer devices have to be used in the creation process.
The costs are high.
Preparation before the start of service takes much time.


With SkyDesk Media Switch...

With SkyDesk Media Switch... Easily perform authoring on a cloud environment.
A simple process that does not depend on printers.
Lower in cost compared to conventional systems.
Preparation before the start of service takes little time.