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SkyDesk Media Switch Pricing

SkyDesk Media Switch Price List

We have two different types of pricing plans to suit your needs: yearly contract and one-time contract.

Initial Registration Fee *only for the first time

All customers are expected to pay the initial registration fee This fee is paid only once during your initial registration. After completing all required steps for the initial registration, you will have access to our services and tools.

Smartphone app SDK

"SkyDesk Media Switch Smartphone App SDK" is a development kit for a feature that can be used in any smartphone app. The feature enables one to take pictures of printed material, link the pictures to multimedia registered in advance, and view the contents.
Customers who already have their own apps can integrate the SkyDesk Media Switch feature into their own apps for practical use, without need for the use of exclusive apps.

Collection Contract

Collection is a unit of data domain. You can use search function to find specific data within the specified collection. Therefore when new items are added it is mandatory for users to specify its collection. There are two types of plans that are available: yearly subscription or one-time subscription. You are free to unsubscribe once the contract expires. Collections may be added anytime (Contract termination will be made viable after Collection contract ends.).

  • Continuous (yearly) subscription - monthly payment for 1 year contract
    You can enjoy this service for one year. It is especially useful for customers requiring periodical distribution of fliers. Your subscription is automatically renewed yearly unless you request cancellation or modification of a plan according to the predefined procedure.

  • Spot (one-time) subscription - for 2 months
    It is useful for short-duration events.

Maximum of 500,000 copies for a collection can be stored for both plans. Only Enterprise Edition supports more than 500,000 copies of documents with extra charge, on request. Please contact us via inquiry form.

For Collection (continuous plan, spot plan) contract (able to be added any time), usage service charges (first time only) apply per case.

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