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SkyDesk Media Switch Service

SkyDesk Media Switch Service

SkyDesk Media Switch is a cloud based service that supports marketing activities. Using Cross Media, the service enables you to easily do PDCA cycle of marketing by linking paper documents to multimedia contents such as websites.

SkyDesk Media Switch supports marketing activities.


If you are a printing company or an advertisement company, SkyDesk Media Switch service will help you to effectively use cross media in meeting your clients' needs for printed materials and digital contents. It is also available for internal content creation for your organization.

SkyDesk Media Switch Usage

Process Before You are Ready to Use the Service

To use the service, first use the Contact Us form and contact us. Our contract service representatives will contact you shortly.

  • Contact Us
    Use the Contact Us form to contact us.
    Contact Us form
  • Contact from service rep
    Our service representatives will contact you and explain the details.
  • Review contents
    Please review the details of implementation as explained by our service representatives.
  • Sign up
    Once implementation is confirmed, we will send you the contract for your signing up.
  • Account issue
    We will issue the Authoring Tool account according to details of contract.
  • Start of service
    Set up links using the authoring tool, and make good use of cross media!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and our service representatives will be glad to assist you.

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