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SkyDesk Media Switch Service

SkyDesk Media Switch Function List

Have a look at the functions of SkyDesk Media Switch. The Authoring Tool, Index Server, and Content Server functions are provided on Cloud. Access and use the functions via a Web browser using the login ID and password issued to each customer after sign up.

Authoring Tool

Works on a browser. Allows you to capture page data (PDF) and link to the locations you specify.
Simultaneously saves the link image (location) and web URL or data of the link destination.
Up to twenty contents can be linked from one marker image.
You can configure the size, position, color, and other such properties of the marked area, and output data as a marked PDF for print.
You can also choose to discard used pages at any time you wish.

Image Search Server

The server where image recognition is carried out for images registered using the Authoring Tool or those captured / sent with apps.

Smartphone App

Smartphone app that supports iOS and Android.
You can download the app from App Store or Google Play.
Click here to check the recommended system requirements.

Content Server

The server that stores and transmits video or image content played on the smartphone app.
The transmission format of video files can be set to automatically adjust depending on whether the device is on iOS or Android.

Log Analysis Tool

Allows you to check the access rate of each type of content.
The log data can be practically used as review material for your next marketing strategy.

Smartphone App SDK

"SkyDesk Media Switch Smartphone App SDK" - A development kit for a feature that can be used in any smartphone app. The feature enables one to take pictures of printed material, link the pictures to multimedia registered in advance, and view the contents.
Customers who already have their own apps can integrate the SkyDesk Media Switch feature into their own apps for practical use, without need to use another exclusive app.

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