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Authoring tool update history

Update 2017/4/17

  • Filtering is available.
    Document list page supports filtering by document name or creator.
    Marker list page supports filtering by document name or marker name.
  • Maximum number of multilink is changed.
    Up to 20 links can be set to a marker.

Update 2015/12/14

  • Marker function is added.
    Added description on available period of marker.

Update 2015/02/26

  • Phone and email type markers are available.
    Phone and email are added as new types of marker.
  • Multiple links is supported.
    Multiple links from a single marker is available.
  • Marker authoring operation is modified.
    Every corner of a marker image can be pinched for resizing operation.
  • Graph legends are sorted.
    Graph legends of usage log are sorted according to weight.
  • Attributes are added to log data.
    Gender, generation and residential area are added to exported log data.
  • Operation manuals are available from management tool screen.
    After logging in, operation manuals can be accessed from 'manual' link on top.
  • Notification function is added to management tool.
    Notification from service will be displayed on the login screen and on the screen right after logging into the management tool.
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

Update 2014/08/21

  • Log exporting function is added.
    Access log of SkyDesk Media Switch can be exported in CSV format. Details can be found in Chapter 3 of the user's guide.
  • Available Japanese alphabets for file names are broadened.
    Japanese Zenkaku and Hankaku alphabets are available when specifying file names of uploading contents. White spaces in both Zenkaku and Hankaku are also available.
  • InternetExplorer11, Safari 6 and Safari 7 are supported.
    Users of Windows 8 and Mac OS are not requested to install extra web browsers to use this service. IE8, IE9 and Firefox24 or later are of course supported as they used to be.
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

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