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SkyDesk Media Switch FAQ

This page shows the frequently asked questions of SkyDesk Media Switch.
Please take a look through first should you have any questions.

About the service

Q: What does this service do?

A: SkyDesk Media Switch is a service that allows you to use a smartphone to access content from images on paper. There is no need to embed codes as images taken on your smartphone are recognized and linked to content.

Q: How can I use it?

A: Please click the Contact Us page. Our contract service representatives will contact you shortly.

Q: When can I start using after registration?

A: Use of service is available from 3 working days after we receive the application form with the required items filled in. (The starting date of use may vary)

About the authoring tool

Q: What is the authoring tool?

A: It is the tool to configure the linking of paper and contents. The URL and login password will be issued to users who have registered for the service contract.

Q: What is a Collection?

A: Collections have to do with the division of Mark search targets. Searches are not carried across Collections.

Q: Can I add Collections?

A: Yes. Please send a Collection Issue Request Application to the E-mail address for subscribers.

About the smartphone app

Q: Are there costs involved for app installation?

A: The app installation is free.
Separate packet transmission charges apply. We highly recommend applying for the packet transmission service fixed rate package.

Q: I get a "Mark not found." error.

A: Please check if your Community is correct. Select the community you want to view from the Select Community button top-right of the screen, then try to take the picture again.
If the Community is correct, try to position the mark so that it goes into the guide, and take the picture again in a bright environment.
If the error repeats even after trying the above measures, it may mean that the server is down. In such a case, please wait a while and try again later.

Q: Can I access Marks taken previously?

A: Previously taken Marks are displayed when you select the Community. Tap the Mark you want to view to display its contents.

Q: Why do Marks sometimes display multiple times?

A: During the characteristic features matching of images, if there are images that have similar characteristic features, multiple display may occur.

Other questions

Q: Why do I have to register?

A: It is a requirement to enter into a service usage contract. Please contact us via the Contact Us page, and our service representatives will get back to you shortly.
We seek your kind understanding that an advance review will be required for companies that currently do not have business transactions with us.

Q: Is the contract period fixed?

A: The Basic Contract is 1 year. For Collections, there are 2 contract types: 1 year (Basic), and 2 months (Spot).
In the event of contract termination, kindly submit contract termination documents at least 1 month before contract expiry, as Basic Contracts and Basic plans for Collections automatically renew each year.

Q: How do I terminate my contract?

A: Please contact us via the Contact Us page. After you receive the termination documents, kindly fill in the required fields and send it to our service representatives.